Oft go Astray! Steam Machine Purchase, WarRig gives up the Ghost

Cpu, Ram, SSDs, APU, Graphics Cards and Cases dancing around in my head, I had a hard time shutting down at night.  EAT, SLEEP, PC!

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been researching computer hardware for my Steam Machine 2015 project. I need to come up with a Code name for the box, because code names are all the rage! Goals for the build is to spend less then current Steam Machines, current generation consoles and to have the performance to play on the same level

Saturday I found my self in MicroCenter picking up everything to build the Steam Machine Brute. Under 300 out of pocket was my goal. I should end up spending 260 after rebates, plenty of room to add an aftermarket cooler if I need to over clock. I will have a post with my build out and total out of pocket in a later post.

Enter Sunday, I’m sitting in the basement getting getting all my photos and videos off my camera so I can start recording my build log. I step out to take Kaylee for a wake, upon returning I find my main computer frozen on 50% transferred. I had to hard reboot, I figured windows 10 Technical Preview Beta I should expect bugs.
Boy was I wrong, the system was bonked. Windows 10 couldn’t even recover to a previous state. I did a few tricks to try to boot, nothing was working. Next I loaded off the windows 8 dvd, it took close to 30 mins to boot off the dvd to get to the start of the install, at this point I knew something was wrong it should have been almost instant.

I think my WarRig was jealous and did some harakiri. So I might have 2 build logs shortly 😉


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